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How To Add Social Share Links and Follow Buttons To Your Blogger Website

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How To Add Social Share Links and Follow Buttons To Your Blogger Website

Hello, In this post, I will share with you a very quick and simple method for adding social share links and social follow buttons (follow us) to your blogger website. I will share a service called addthis. One of the advantages of using addthis is that addthis also gives you analytics of visits to your sites, number of shares and follows, etc. Social share buttons and follow buttons help your visitors to follow you on social networks and/or share your posts respectively. 
To do so, head on to addthis here. Once in, click on dashboard. A page pops up with social links. Select your desired social login method and click on Sign In otherwise, you can choose to sign up and use the native Sign In method. Once you are signed in, click on the get-the-code link at the top right hand corner to get your code which you should paste just right before your body closing tag ( </body> ). To do this for other website types, such as wordpress or spotify, you will need to click the respective tabs for those and follow the instructions, but that is beyond the scope of this post.
The required code looks like this:
<!– Go to to customize your tools –> <script type=”text/javascript” src=”//……0ab”></script>

The Pub Id is likely to vary. For this post, I have removed some elements of the pub id. Yours should be different.

Adding Inline Tools on Addthis

In order to add inline tools, you will need to post this code:
<!– Go to to customize your tools –> <div class=”addthis_relatedposts_inline”></div>

Adding Inline Follow Buttons on Addthis

To add inline follow buttons on, you will need to add this code to the bode of the page where you want the inline follow buttons to appear.
<!– Go to to customize your tools –> <div class=”addthis_inline_follow_toolbox”></div>

Adding Services  on Addthis

To add services on addthis, you will need to click the + icon on the top of your dashboard which takes you to the homepage. There, you need to click on the service to add and customise it accordingly.

How To Set Up Share Position on Addthis

After selecting the share service, you will need to cutomise how it will appear on desktop and mobile. An example is shown in this image
Setting up share position on addthis

This is done after a tool type had been chosen. You can choose from slider, floating, image sharing, inline, expanding, pop up or banner.

After selecting the floating option for instance, you will need to make other necessary customization and configurations by clicking on the respective tabs.
making customization on addthis share buttons
The first tab which is highlighted above, is the “sharing services” tab, followed by the “design” tab, followed by the “share counter” tab, the “position” tab and finally, the “behavior” tab

 How To Set Up Follow Behaviour on AddThis

Click on the behaviour tab and make the necessary customization
setting up follow behavior on addthis

Adding Follow Us Links on Addthis

Adding Follow Us Links on Addthis

Adding More Services on Addthis

adding more services on addthis

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