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Ada Ehi – I Testify (Testimony) Download Mp3 and Lyrics

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Download I Testify (Testimony) Song Mp3 [Audio + Lyrics] | Ada Ehi

Ada Ehi comes out with another song this time titled I testify. I testify or Testimony, is a beautiful song of testimony by Ada Ehi. 

The Nigerian based Ada Ehi praises God, and testifies of the good works and greatness of God, in this epic song “Testimony”.

Indeed I Testify is a beautiful song of worship by Ada Ehi Moses. I know you may have heard the song playing somewhere, or were told by a friend about it, and you loved what you heard about it. So you picked your mobile device (phone, tablet) or PC, entered Google and began searching for “Ada Ehi I Testify”, “download I Testify by Ada”, “download testify by ada” “ada testimony mp3 audio download” “ada i testify audio” “download ada testify mp3 “, “i testify by ada lyrics” “i testify by ada ehi” “i testify by ada mp3 download”, “ada testimony lyrics”, and other such querries. Well let me shock you, that the song is titled testimony, but I guess, I testify resonates better with it, that’s why you rather searched for I testify and not Ada Ehi Testimony. Well what ever your query was, the most important thing is that you are here now to download this beautiful song by Ada Ehi. We are always here for you, and it is our joy that you love the Lord, and that is why you are searching for great gospel songs like I testify by Ada Ehi Moses, to worship God with. So we work tirelessly day and night, to make HottestNaija an interesting place, and a place where you would want to search first for all your gospel music downloads. So we encourage you to stay with us, and never miss such great gospel songs by great men of God, ministering in songs to the praise of Yahweh. I guarantee that you will surely love this great worship song by Ada Ehi. Download below and share with your loved ones. Don’t forget to tell them also about HottestNaija Gospel Media

Ada Ehi, also has some other beautiful songs to her credit. One of her most popular songs which made quite a lot of wave, is Only you You hear lots of people singing only You can do, what no man can do… everywhere. That song was beautiful. 

Other songs by Ada include:

On my Matter, I Will Sing, Cheta
This new song: I testify, also has the same pattern and movement with only you can do, and I’m sure you will like it.

Lyrics for I Testify by Ada Ehi

[Verse 1]

For the lord himself is my portion
He lifts my head in glory
For my horn the lord has exalted
He teaches me to prosper
I have come with stories to tell
I have come with testimonies
Take a look at me You could see it
say You can call me testimonies
it is my time and it is my season
all around me testimonies
And because the Lord is my shepherd
I shall never want.


Everyday testimonies
Everywhere testimonies
see the word is working I’m so full of praise
In the morning testimonies
And in the evening testimonies
now I tell the stories of how I overcame,
I testify. … I testify

[Verse 2]

Your life is not ordinary
It’s filled with signs and wonders
For the hand of the Lord is upon You
He fills Your life with laughter
You have come with stories to tell
You have come with testimonies
when I look at You I can see it
You are full of testimonies
It’s Your time yes this is Your season
All around You testimonies
And because the Lord is Your shepherd
You shall never want


Everyday testimonies
Everywhere testimonies
see the word is working
And You re so full of praise
In the morning testimonies
And in the evening testimonies
Now we tell the story of how we overcame
Every day testimonies
Everywhere testimonies
glory hallelujah
I’m so full of praise
In the morning testimonies
And in the evening testimonies
now I tell the story of how I overcame
I testify…
I testify


oh oh oh
The Lord is my shepherd oh
for he leads in glory
to his glory
I testify (oh oh)
for I am like the tree (oh)
planted by the waters (oh oh)

I testify
my leaves are evergreen
A thousand shall fall down by my side
ten thousand shall fall down by my side
I testify I testify
from glory to glory
here we go
from glory to glory
here we go
to glory to glory (I testify)
this is my song testimony
this my story testimony
see the word is working
I’m so full of praise
every where testimonies
Every day testimonies
Glory hallelujah
I’m so full of praise
every where testimonies
in Your family
Now we tell the story of how we overcame
Every day testimonies
Everywhere testimonies
glory glory glory my Jesus is alive ..
eh testimonies
every day testimonies
see the word is working and I’m so full of praise
when You look at me testimonies
when I see You testimonies
now I tell the stories of how I overcame
I testify.…
I testify
I testify
You will testify
I testify I testify
Faithful in all your ways
faithful ever sure
You are marvelous, wonderful
I lift my voice to say, I testify today today today…

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About Ada

Ada Ogochukwu Ehi (née Ndukauba), simply known by her stage name Ada, is a Nigerian-born international gospel singer-songwriter, recording and performing artist. She started her musical career at the age of 10 as a backup singer for child star, Tosin Jegede. Since she professionally started her music career under Loveworld Records in 2009, she has increasingly gained local and international popularity through her songs and music videos

Born to Victor and Mabel Ndukauba, she along with her three brothers grew up listening to gospel recordings. When she was 10, Ada was selected to be a member of the Girls band of Nigerian child star Tosin Jegede. She is a graduate of Lagos State University where she studied Chemical & Polymer Engineering, during which she joined the Believers Loveworld Campus Fellowship. Upon joining the group, she later joined the Christ Embassy Choir where she grew till she became a member of the Christ Embassy Presidential Choir. This gave her a good platform to start her international career in music.

Since joining the Christ Embassy Choir, she has been actively involved in the Music Ministry of Christ Embassy and has performed at Christ Embassy events in several programs around the world including Europe, America and several African countries. Her Debut Album Undenied was released in November 2009 while her second album Lifted & So Fly, a two-disc album, was released in November 2013. She released her third studio album titled Future Now, on October 16, 2017 and claimed no.1 spot on iTunes Nigeria same day.

She is married to Ehi Moses and they have two children.

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