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How to get more followers on Instagram using nametag

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How to Get More Followers on Instagram Using Nametag

Everyone likes to get more followers on social media. Apart from boosting your social profile, more followers can serve as a useful tool for advertising and promotion, if you’re a marketer, an artiste, producer of some sort, or does anything that you would like people to know more about. There are many ways to gain more followers on Instagram, and one of them is by the use of Nametag. The importance of using Nametag in your products can not be underestimated. People may want to follow you immediately when they like your product, and may scan your Nametag at once. Some others, may want to follow you, but may not know your user name, while others, may decide to follow later, and forget to do so. But with Nametag, it is not possible to go wrong, as you create more opportunity to gain more followers. So in this, post, I will be sharing with you, how you can gain more followers, by using Instagram Nametag, and how you can create Nametag.

So, what is Instagram Nametag?

An Instagram Nametag, is like a QR Code, or Barcode, that can be scanned with the Instagram Camera. Upon scanning the Nametag, a user promptly follows you with doing anything else.

How can I create Instagram Nametag?

In order to create Instagram Nametag, you will need to log into your Instagram account. When you are logged in, click on the gear icon to the right of edit profile button.
Click on Nametag, which is the second option from the top.

A page will be opened, where you can download Nametag. If you can not access the nametag page displayed in the image below, click this link, or type in your browser.

Click on Download Nametag

Tips to help you in creating Nametags that are easy to scan include:
Keep you Nametag clean, which entails that you avoid altering the design, or printing on dark and patterned colours.
Stick to Flat Surfaces:  In order for cameras to be able to capture your Nametags effectively, they must be created on flat surfaces.
Find a Size that Fits: The choice of your preferred size, is at your sole discretion. Print large, if you want scanning and full capture of your Nametag from a far distance, and print small, if you want an up-close capture.

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