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Sunday, November 3, 2019

58 Most Useful Microsoft Word (Ms-Word) Short Cut Keys


Short-cut keys are very important in any program as they help us to work faster and achieve much in very little time. In this post, I'll share 58 very important short cut keys for microsoft word that could save you lots of hours of work. 


Then let's dive right into it:

Ctrl + A     It selects all content of a page.

Ctrl + B     Makes highlighted selection bold

Ctrl + C     It copies selected text, image, table, etc

Ctrl + D     Displays font options

Ctrl + E     Aligns the selected text, object, or cursor to the centre

Ctrl + F     Opens find box, for searching out a text or word

Ctrl + G     Displays find and replace options

Ctrl + H     Displays find and replace options

Ctrl + I      Italicizes highlighted selection

Ctrl + J      Justifies highlighted selection or paragraph alignment

Ctrl + K     Inserts hyperlink

Ctrl + L      Aligns selected text, object, image, etc left

Ctrl + M     Indents the paragraph

Ctrl + N      Creates a new black document

Ctrl + O     Opens a Microsoft word document

Ctrl + P      Prints an Ms word document

Ctrl + Q     Aligns selected paragraph to the left

Ctrl + R      Aligns selected text, line, cursor, image, object to the right

Ctrl + S      Saves the document

Ctrl + T      Introduces a hanging indent

Ctrl + U      Underlines the selected text or group of text

Ctrl + V      Pastes a selection from the clipboard

Ctrl + W     Closes Document

Ctrl + X      Cuts any selected object or text

Ctrl + Y      Redoes the last action performed

Ctrls + Z     Undoes the last action performed

Ctrl + Shift + F     Changes the font

Ctrl + Shift + >     Increases selected text by 1

Ctrl + ]                  Increases selected text by 1

Ctrl + Shift + <     Reduces selected text by 1

Ctrl  + [                  Reduces selected text by 1

Ctrl +  Shift + *     Views or hides non-printing characters

Ctrl +  ←                Moves one word to the left

Ctrl + →                 Moves one word to the right

Ctrl +  ↑                  Moves to beginning of the line or paragraph

Ctrl +  ↓                  Moves to the end of the paragraph

Ctrl + Del               Deletes word to right of cursor

Ctrl + Backspace   Deletes word to the left of cursor

Ctrl + End              Moves cursor to end of document

Ctrl + Home           Moves cursor to beginning of document

Ctrl + Space           Resets selected text to default font

Ctrl + 1                   Applies single-line spacing

Ctrl + 2                   Applies double-line spacing

Ctrl + 5                   Applies 1.5 line spacing

Ctrl + Alt + 1          Changes heading style to heading 1

Ctrl + Alt + 2          Changes heading style to heading 2

Ctrl + Alt + 3          Changes heading style to heading 3

F1                             Opens help

Shift + F3                 Changes case of selected text

Shift + Insert           Pastes

F4                             Repeats last action performed (Effective for Word 2000 and above)

F7                             Spell check selected text and/or document

Shift + F7                Activates Thesaurus

F12                           Save as

Ctrl + S                    Save

Ctrl + F12                Save

Alt + Shift + D         Inserts the current date

Alt + Shift + T         Inserts the current time

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