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Monday, November 11, 2019

Music Download mp3:- Solomon Lange - Dogara [Download and Lyrics]

Solomon Lange - Dogara mp3 Audio Download  and Lyrics

Solomon Lange, a renowned Nigerian Gospel artiste, releases this new 2019 single titled Dogara.

Dogara means trust in the Hausa native tongue, a song which presents an utmost trust in God.

Dogara Lyrics

Dogara ga suna Yesu
(Trusting in the name of Jesus)
Takan sa a sami rai
(Brings life)
Gama ba ceto ga wani
(For there is no salvation in anyone)
Ba kuwa hanya Sai dai shi
(And there’s no other way except him)
Jinin Yesu ya fanshe ni
(The blood of Jesus has saved me)
Yana wanke zunubi
(It washes away sin)
Na jingina wurin Yesu
(I trust in Jesus)
Ya karbe ni bawansa
(He accepts me as his own)
Chorus 2x
Yesu Yesu inasonka
(Jesus Jesus I love you)
Kai kadai mai ceto ne
(You are the only Saviour)
Yesu Yesu ni zan bi ka
(Jesus Jesus I’ll follow you)
Daga nan har abada
(Today and for ever)
Eh eh eh OH
Dogara ga suna yesu
Takan sa a sami rai
Gama ba ceto ga wani
Ba kuwa hanya Sai dai shi
Jjinin yesu ya fanshe ni
Yana wanke zunubi
Na jingina wurin yesu
Ya karbe ni bawansa
Chorus 2x
Halleluyah Ya Yesu
(Halelluyah oh Jesus)
Halleluyah Ya Yesu
(Halelluyah oh Jesus)
Ba wanda zaya raba ni da kai
(No one will separate me from you)
Chorus 2x
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