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Monday, December 23, 2019

DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche - Elee

Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche - Elee

Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche, has come out with another beautiful song titled Elee. 

Elee is an Idoma exclamation, with the meaning, "my goodness".

"Elee" expresses surprise or wonder or amazement in the Idoma tongue.

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Lyrics: Dr Pastor Paul Enenche - Elee

Ele Ele Ele Ele
Ele Ele Ele Ele
Ele Ele Ele Ele
Ele Ele Ele Ele
Ele e Ele e Ele e Ele
Ele Ele oo (Ele oo)
Ele Ele oo
Mighty God
No words can express the way
I feel for you
Ele Ele oooo
Ele Ele ooo
You are the only one
Ele Ele ooo
Ele E
Oh Lord
You are marvelous (Ele Ele oo)
Wonderful beyond description
Wondrous beyond numbers
Lord you are in the class
All by yourself
Lord there’s no God that
Compares to you
Lord I’m amazed at your almightiness
Lord you are to wonderful for comprehension
So my heart cries out Ele!
Ele Ele oo
Ele Ele o
You are the King of kings
The beginning and the end
The Lily of the valley
The Bright and Morning Star
You have done so many marvelous things
With You nothing is impossible Lord
You live in the realm of signs and wonders
The supernatural is your habitat
So my heart cries out Ele
Ele Ele oo
Ele Ele oo

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