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Monday, January 6, 2020

Steve Crown:- Gospel Music is For Everybody


Steve Crown

Steve Crown is popular Nigerian based gospel artiste with popular hit tracks like "You Are Great", "You Are Yahweh" "We Wait On You", and others. On this exclusive interview, Steve Crown talks about his view on who should do gospel music. Below, is an excerpt from the interview with Steve Crown.

These days gospel music is being diluted with secular music. You’ll even be amazed at the kind of dancing being exhibited in gospel music videos.  What is your opinion?

The question is what can you define as a secular dance step? You suggested that gospel music should be calm and be something that people can meditate on. But Christians also need songs to praise God. Gospel brings joy, it’s shouldn’t only make you think. You can see that my album is a mixture of praise and worship songs, though I can say I’m basically a worshiper. I really feel gospel should be made to reach a wide range of people. We have the youth and we have to reach them, and they like dancing a lot. Maybe, we can reach them through dance in videos, though we still must be moderate.
Do you think a gospel artiste should be born-again or is gospel a genre for anyone who can put a good Christian song together?
Being born-again isn’t something you can define by mere appearances. I can tell you I’m born again and put up appearances to convince you, but I am really not born again. So, it is only God that can say who is truly born again. Therefore, being born-again is really about doing what is right and having good conscience. I don’t believe only people who feel they are born again should do gospel music. I know of secular artistes who have done gospel songs that have touched lives. I believe with time God can also touch them. To be honest, there are things we see in secular music videos that shouldn’t be on TV. But I believe that with time the secular artistes who still praise God can think of working solely for Him.
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