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Submission Guidelines

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How To Submit Songs/ Sermon For Upload On

You can submit your songs and/or sermons for upload on 
Please kindly follow these steps to upload Your songs and lyrics, messages and or sermons to Hottestnaija.
  1. Send your song or sermon to [email protected] OR [email protected], 
  2. The lyrics of your song should be attached, prepared in a text editor like notepad, notepad++ or textedit.
  3. Send song/sermon title, artiste name, and name of featured artist, if applicable.
  4. Attach album/song art.
  5. Name of producer.
  6. Short bio of the artiste, as well as the songs description, message, or details of the song or audio.
  7. Social media handles, if applicable.
  8. Youtube video link, if applicable.
Note: Include the lyrics of the song if available.


  1. Song/sermon, must be  mp3 format.
  2. Song size must not exceed 20mb. For long plays, the maximum size, is 45mb. Sermon size must not exceed 50mb. Files with larger sizes, should be compressed accordingly. Tweaking the bit depth, compression rate or quality of the final output, should do the magic. For most music files, the final output with the highest bit compression in mp3 file format, should not exceed 15mb.
  3. The Lyrics should be attached to the mail if it is available. Including your lyrics is very important though not compulsory. This is because your songs could contain lyrics that only you who wrote the song may be able to hear clearly and understand. The language of the song may not be mainstream, hence not understood by all your listeners and fans. Translated lyrics help to keep your listeners at pace with your music. The lyrics could help your listeners to blend in time with your music, capture and grasp it in the bleak of time. When listeners search for your music, they may use a line of your lyrics to search on Google or other search engines as they may not know the actual title of the song. Including your lyrics therefore, helps to give your uploaded songs more exposure and presence on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP), hence giving you and your songs more recognition.
Alternatively, click this upload form to upload your song. 

After uploading the songs, or before sending or uploading them using the upload form, kindly contact us for cost implications of getting your song uploaded on here

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