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How To Promote Your Gospel Music In Nigeria And Beyond

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Promote Your Gospel Music In Nigeria and Beyond

Gospel music promotion is the process of creating awareness for your gospel songs. This entails telling the world and people about you and your song, and revealing or unveiling a talent that would otherwise remain unknown.

There are many talents in Nigeria today doing marvelously well in music, but their talent remains with them at home with their family and friends, church members or people in their local environment.

The world doesn’t know much about them, nor does it know about the existence of such a marvelous talent.

Producing a song and letting it fade away with you in your room is definitely not want you are want.

If you are a gospel singer or a music minister, you need to get the word out through your songs, and let the world hear the music you make.

The importance of music promotion today cannot be overemphasized, and as a gospel artiste, you would want to categorize on this great opportunity which was not available years back.

Internet and digital music promotion has definitely made music promotion easy through music blogs that showcase and promote your songs to listeners.

This is where we come in.


We are a renowned gospel music blog that promote gospel artistes like you. 

There are only two platforms for music promotion in Nigeria;

HottestNaija and the rest.

HottestNaija does an amazing job in pushing and creating a wide range of national and international publicity, pulling enough momentum to your songs. In a nutshell, HottestNaija is the first choice when it comes to online media promotion and publicity.

Hottest Naija blog has carved a niche for itself in Nigeria and Africa at large, recorded an incredible number of views and downloads, and has remained on top of the business for years.

Our vast knowledge of what works in music promotion will get your songs on the lips of listeners.

Promote your music on HottestNaija, and we will also distribute your songs to other blogs depending on your selected promotional plan.

We will feature your music on all pages of our website, give you artiste spotlight, and add your song to the trending category.

We add your songs to our curated playlists and mixed tape.

If you need, we can also distribute your songs to digital music stores.

The onus lies on us to give your songs a massive lift and digitally promote and publicize your new release, or songs from your old archives that need promotion.

If you need a lyrics video to go along with your music, we can also help you produce one, and we help you promote it on our YouTube channel without any extra charge.


While promoting your music, you also need a beautiful artwork that will go along with your song. If you don’t have one yet, our dedicated team of professionals can also help you design one. A list of our other services can be obtained here.

All these benefits come at a very affordable fee.

We offer comfortable and flexible promotional packages. Check this page for our promotional offers.

If you decide on any of the promotional packages contained therein, you can make payment via this page.

After making payment, forward your song to this email address: [email protected] for fast upload.

If you need further information before making payment, or need alternative payment methods, you can always send us an email at [email protected] or send a WhatsApp message to 07035231091. If you need faster response, you may also call us on that line. 

Before making payment, be sure to read our submission guidelines here to know what and what to include in your music submission email.

If you encounter any challenge along the way, and for any further guidance, direction, and information, contact us via any of the following means:

Send us a mail

[email protected]

OR         [email protected]

Call us


Contact us on Telegram


Reach us on Whatsapp


Who Needs Promotion?

Who does this message concern ? They include singers, musicians, record labels, musical groups, bands, videographers, artistes and brand managers.

  • Have you been thinking of how to gain online exposure after recording your song or music video?
  • Are you tired of having just you, your family and close friends listen to your songs or watch your videos?
  • Have you heard a song from the lips of almost everyone and wondered how it happened?

Content is said to be fire, the internet, a match and media, petrol,

If all your answers to the above questions is YES, then look no further because you’re in the right place.

Why We’re The Right Choice

We offer promotions that will give your songs maximum exposure, driving them to people’s homes, schools, religious centers and their offices.

We deliver terrific managerial skill nuggets, advice and key points that will boost your career.

If you forget anything, don’t forget this:

Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business, but telling no one about it.

Get your songs, videos on HottestNaija today, and experience tremendous online traffic that’s second to none as we’re confirmed to know the nooks and crannies of online publicity when it comes to music and entertainment.

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