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‘World’s dirtiest man’ dies in Iran at 94: media

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4 days ago

For the fans of K-drama, ‘Alchemy of Souls’ the season 2 release date has been set. The return of “Alchemy of Souls” with part 2 of the series to be released in December was announced by tvN. However, an exact air date has now been determined. The first installment of Part 2 will air on…

4 days ago

Actress Lupita Nyong’o offers her opinion on the contentious issue of Marvel films and their impact on the standard of the film industry. According to her, a piece of media should be acknowledged as substantial if it reaches a large portion of the audience. “It becomes a philosophical question about what is art and what…

20 Oct

The theatrical release of the Nigerian film “Elesin Oba” (The King’s Horsemen) will take place from October 28 to November 4, 2022. The films, which is based on actual events that happened in Nigeria in 1943, will be shown in a number of cinemas, including EbonyLife, Filmhouse, Genesis, and VIVA, in places including Lagos, Ibadan,…

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17 Oct

In response to the query of whether he will appear in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Trevor Noah tactfully responds. Wakanda Forever, the follow-up to the successful MCU blockbuster Black Panther from 2018, will enter theatres next month. In the first film, Noah played the minor but significant role of Griot, providing his voice for the…

13 Oct

The most recent film by Kunle Afolayan, Anikulapo, has made a significant impact on Netflix. Nearly two weeks after its streaming launch, the director just made data public that showed the epic movie has rated first worldwide. With a total of 8,730,000 global views, Anikulapo is presently ranked among the top 10 non-English language movies…

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