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 Our Services

HottestNaija has become one of the names to reckon with in recent time. We have been able to achieve thus far, because we have the interest of our customers at heart. When it comes to service delivery, our customers are our top priority.

We offer a range of services at affordable rates. Our rates, are among the cheapest you can get, while remaining committed to meet our customers' satisfactions any day, any time.

This is because we know that the growth of any business, depends on the growth of, and the development of its customers. Don't take our word for it. We are dedicated to seeing you at the top, as we look forward to working with you, to take your business to the next level.

Below are the range of services we offer. You can contact us at any time for further details, or to order any of these services.

  • Web Design: Are you looking for a company to design your website? We've mastered the science and art of web designing, making use of modern approaches to also give your website a presence and a voice on SERP. We are conversant with the latest CMSs, frameworks, and most importantly, the knowledge to give your new website the white hat SEO techniques for findability. Send us a mail: [email protected], or contact us here, and let us give you a quality web design. Be it personal website, ecommerce website, informational website or blog, a trial will definitely convince you, and make you ask for more.

  • Custom Domain Name Registration: If you already have a website, and you would like to link it up with a custom domain name, we are available to help you link up a custom domain with your website. We will do our best to search for your chosen domain name. In the event that your chosen name is unavailable, we will suggest best alternatives, and tlds, to give you a fast, and recognizable online presence. You could also reserve a domain name even if you are not yet ready to deploy your website. Contact us, and let us help you reserve that custom domain name that is fit for your business today, before it's taken. A stitch in time saves nine.

  • Custom Email Address Registration: Let us help you register and set up custom email for your website at an affordable price. A custom email address tells your clients that you are actually ready for business. We are ready to help you do this now. Just contact us and be marveled, or send a mail to [email protected].

  • Web Deployment: If you've already built your website and you need to deploy it. We are available to do that at the price of a peanut. Yes! It's affordable. We will help you with the deployment and initial setting up of your website. Just contact us here, or send a mail to [email protected].

  • Lyrics Video Production: Lyrics video for music has become popular in recent time. While you are still working on a live music video, you can release a lyrics video, or if you are not ready to release a live video yet, you don't need to keep your fans in the dark. By all means, let a video accompany your next music release, which you can upload on social media, and YouTube. Contact us today, and let us produce the lyrics video for your next music release at an affordable rate. We don't just produce it. We also help you promote it! That's how much we want to see you succeed. Contact us now. It's just a click away.

  • Music Promotion: Let us give your music promotion on HottestNaija and other platforms. We know the nitty-gritties of what works and what does not. We offer a range of promotional packages tailored for your budget. What ever is your budget, we've got you covered. Check our promotional services here. You may also contact us directly from that page, or send an email to [email protected]. Check this page to see why our years of experience has put us at the forefront of music promotions in Nigeria and beyond.

  • Graphics Design: We can help design the beautiful graphics that is representative of your business, and the message you're trying to convey in your online campaigns. Be it music artworks, banners, calendars, logos, advertisement and whatever the need may be, we are ready to provide you a captivating image that will convey the message in grand style. Waste no time further. Let's get that idea to reality.

  • Branding: We can brand your business, and give you an easily recognizable and memorable logo, while increasing your brand awareness online. It's easy! It's possible! Just contact us by sending a mail to [email protected], or use the contact page.

  • Advertisement: You can advertise your business with us. Do you offer a service that you would like us to help you promote online to our audience? Then contact us. We can display your advertisement at strategic locations depending on your budget - header, sidebar, footer, whatever your need may be, we are ready to work with you, and to promote your business online. 
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